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Compelled by love
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Baker Rolland et Heidi Compelled by love What does it look like to trust God with everything?

In Compelled by Love, Heidi Baker gives you a glimpse of total dependance and authentic Christian community by taking a fresh look at the Beatitudes.

In the war-torn, poverty-stricken country of Mozambique, she and her husband have experienced God's miraculous provisions and witnessed the transformed hearts of people caught in desperate life-or-death situations. Join them and discover the reality of God's kingdom here on Earth.

For anyone wondering if they could truly live a life of radical love.
For anyone wondering if the Beatitudes mean anything.
For anyone wondering how to follow Jesus all the way.

"If God is not with us, we do not want to continue. If the Sermon on the Mount is simply impractical, our mission work is hopeless. We have no backup plan. We have nothing but Him." - Heidi Baker
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Auteur :Baker Rolland et HeidiRéférence :15-L-CHH-765
Editeur :Charisma HouseFormat :13 x 20.5
Parution :2015Poids :218 gr.
Pages :153ISBN :978-1-59979-351-1
Catégorie(s) : Amour English Foi et confession Saint-Esprit et onction Témoignages, biographies, récits