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Bonnke Reinhard First of all ... Intercession Evangelism without intercession is like an explosive without a detonator, says Reinhard Bonnke. Christians have a world to reclaim and regain for God. Prayer and intercession cast out the entrenched enemy, violate his borders and retake lost territory. This booklet explains the task of intercession clearly and concisely, and encourages Christians to use the weapon of prayer more consistently and effectively.

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke is the founder and leader of Christ for all Nations, an international evangelistic ministry with headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. He and his CfaN team conduct Gospel campaingns throughout the world with up to 1,600,000 people attending a single service. Drawing from his own personal experiences and teachings, this booklet series topically highlights the very foundations of Christian living.
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Auteur :Bonnke ReinhardRéférence :L-ERP-754
Editeur :ER - ProductionsFormat :21 x 11.7 cm
Parution :2011Poids :39 gr.
Pages :26ISBN :3-935057-17-2
Catégorie(s) : English Prière et intercession Reinhard Bonnke