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Baptized by the Spirit
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Clark Randy Baptized by the Spirit “Are you filled with the Holy Spirit?”

Sadly, there has been much division surrounding this one question. Many believe that the Holy Spirit in-dwells a person at the moment of their conversion. Others contest that baptism in the Holy Spirit is a separate experience altogether.

Apostolic leader, theologian and healing minister, Randy Clark, shares about how this controversial and often misunderstood experience can be accessible to all Christians—including you!

Through engaging, practical teaching and powerful testimonies, you will learn how to:

• Understand the clear Biblical reasons people should be baptized in the Spirit and what that really means.Biblically receive and experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

• Unlock the benefits and blessings of being baptized in the Spirit.

• Operate in the gifts of the Spirit: prophecy, tongues, and other supernatural graces.

• Biblicallay receive and experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

All Christ-followers have the Holy Spirit living within them. And yet, there is more. When you are baptized in the Spirit you will experience new dimensions of God’s power resting upon you in a supernatural way!
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