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Whittaker Colin Reinhard Bonnke: A passion for the Gospel Reinhard Bonnke preaches a straightforward message, a gospel that speaks of sin, salvation, healing and discipleship. And he does so with the heartfelt conviction that it is preaching the word of God that brings revival. Audiences at his "campaigns" today typically draw crowds of anywhere up to half a million people in a single meeting.

How did it all begin? What are the forces that have helped to shape one of today's most dynamic and effective preachers of the gospel? And what can we learn from the model of evangelism he so vividly portrays?

Colin Whittaker takes us back to Nazi Germany and Reinhard's extraordinary family, on to Bible College in Wales, ready then to confront apartheid in South Africa, to experiences miracles of financial provision, and to fight sin, sickness and witchcraft. Through it all we see how he has steadfastly refused to let anything distract him from his calling as an evangelist.
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Auteur :Whittaker ColinRéférence :L-KPE-350
Editeur :Kingsway Publications EastbourneFormat :14 x 21.5 cm
Parution :1997Poids :380 gr.
Pages :220ISBN :0-86065-773-6
Catégorie(s) : English Reinhard Bonnke