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Divers Intervenants Full Conference Presence 2017
Relive the entirety of Presence conference that took place from 24 to 27 May 2017 in Holland
The sessions are in English (translated into Dutch)

Revivez l'intégralité de la conférence Presence qui a eu lieu du 24 au 27 mai 2017 en Hollande
Les enseignements sont en anglais (traduits en hollandais)

1. Sitting in heavenly places - Heidi Baker
2. “My Gospel” - Paul Manwaring
3. Don’t seek healing, seek Christ the Healer! - Jean-Luc Trachsel
4. Focused on what God is doing - Bill Johnson
5. God’s faith - Randy Clark
6. Grace to preach the Gospel - Ben Fitzgerald
7. Impartation - Randy Clark
8. Resurrection power - Jean-Michel Tour
9. Hosting the Presence - Bill Johnson
10. Saved ...

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