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Bonnke Reinhard Holy Spirit: Are we flammable or fireproof? There is a dynamic, dead-raising power on the inside of you. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has penned some strong teachings on the Holy Spirit for you and has written dynamic Points of Power on the Holy Spirit (Fire Points). This book will challenge your thinking on the Holy Spirit and inspire you to believe in the amazing power of the Spirit within you.

This dynamic book on the Holy Spirit includes 9 sections that will fan the flame within you, including:

Holy Spirit Highlights
The Spirit and the Son- Jesus the Baptizer
A Mighty Rushing Wind – Pentecost
Dipped in Fire- The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Tools of Fire – The Gifts and Power of the Holy Spirit
People Aflame- The Holy Spirit and the Believer
A Forest of Fire- The Holy Spirit and the Church
Fired Up – The Holy Spirit’s Challenge
Entering a Life of Fire: How to receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit

In each section, you will love the short, power-packed “Fire Points” from Evangelist Bonnke and correlating scripture verses.

"Reinhard Bonnke's desire for this book is God's desire, and that is for you to know the Holy Spirit and to burn without apology and with intention. Your passion will be kindled and intensified as you read from Bonnke's perspective." -Dawn Hill, Charisma News
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Auteur :Bonnke ReinhardRéférence :18-L-CFA-791
Editeur :Christ For All Nations Format :14 x 21 cm
Parution :2018Poids :259 gr.
Pages :208ISBN :9781933446523
Catégorie(s) : Edification English Etudes et analyses Reinhard Bonnke Saint-Esprit et onction